【3D University Japan 2011】

3D University Japan (3DU-J) 2011 was held as part of the DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2011 at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) on Oct. 22nd.
In the opening session held on Oct. 20th, President of I3DS introduced latest movements in the field of 3D as the introduction of 3DU-J 2011.

●3DU-J 2011: Introduction
The American Optometric Association now reports that 3D has a positive health impact on students, while advertisers are using 3D to have greater impact on consumers in the media marketplace.
In 2 short years, revenues for 3D movies have doubled. Higher 3D ticket prices worldwide have strengthened the entertainment industry’s financial result. Now, 3D content has moved from this summer’s spectacular financial success of ’Transformers 3D’, ’Harry Potter 3D’, and ’Pirates of the Caribbean 3D’, to a variety of 3D options for consumers. What are the likely new opportunities for 3D platforms and content professionals? What are the financial challenges involved in creating profitable 3D? What major 3D motion picture and 3D television titles will drive consumer excitement in the year ahead? In addition, Jim Chabin mentioned key factors which would be critical for the success of the 3D leaders worldwide.

Jim Chabin
President of International 3D Society

●Cutting-edge of 2D to 3D conversion technology
The production of 2D-to-3D converted films has recently surged, establishing this technique as a permanent part of the stereoscopic entertainment industry. Because conversion is a new storytelling tool, there is sometimes confusion, misunderstanding, and divergent terminology in the industry. Conversion, while a highly creative process, has a technical approach that if done improperly can result in poor quality films and physical pain on the part of the audience. The movie industry is quickly trying to educate itself on this important new art form, as evidenced by the explosion in classes, forums, and webinars on stereo.
Through case studies from Digital Domain’s recent stereoscopic conversions such as Transformers 3, Jon Karafin demonstrated how to convert high quality stereoscopic content through both traditional and hybrid stereoscopic production workflows. He also reviewed what to look for in order to articulate and identify poor quality conversion.

Jon Karafin
Director of Production Operations, Digital Domain Holdings

●3D Comfort and 3D Beauty: Why have to choose between them?
Robert Neuman shared the secrets of creating great looking 3D content that also happened to be extremely comfortable to watch. Although the twin goals of stereoscopic comfort and visual appeal often appear to be irreconcilable, making the story your first priority can help you to reach both goals. Robert used examples from Disney’s recent blockbuster hit, Tangled to illustrate some of the techniques and aesthetic choices that were key to making the film a hit in 3D.
Robert’s lecture also offered a brief glimpse into the process of making The Lion King 3D that demonstrated how their approach to 3D comfort and beauty could extend to converted content as well.

Robert Neuman
Stereoscopic Supervisor, Walt Disney Animation Studios