December 10th - 11th, 2015 Akihabara UDX Theater

AIS-J has been organizing Lumiere Japan Awards to commend outstanding 3D works in Japan. From this year, AIS-J started the 4K category. AIS-J also commend practical activities contributing to the growth and widespread of advanced imaging media as the Good Practice Awards. In the ceremony, keynote by the chairs and screening winning works of Lumiere Japan Awards etc. are performed.

■ Opening

In the opening session, activities of AIS-J and AIS, and the outline of the 3DU-J 2015 are introduced.

Takashi Kawai (Japan Committee Chair of AIS), Jim Chabin (President of AIS)

■AIS Good Practice Awards 2015

VR Category

Prize Digital archive and VR production of cultural heritages
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

© Palace Museum / Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Encouragement Prize niconico VR and live broadcasting
DWANGO Co., Ltd.

© DWANGO Co., Ltd.

Encouragement Prize Time Trip View Project
Fuji Television Network, inc.

© Fuji Television Network, inc Supported by HEIWA

HDR Category



4K Category

Encouragement Prize Revived in 4K Japan’s Royal Wedding -TOKYO 1959-

© TBS VISION, INC. / Mainichi Productions

■ AIS Lumiere Japan Awards 2014

Lumiere Japan Awards has been promoted since 2011 in order to increase and improve 3D & 4K content by commending outstanding works in Japan. Winners of this year are announced at the ceremony.

3D University Japan Seminar

December 11th (Fri.), 2015

3DU-J seminar is educational events by I3DAIS-J and has been held since 2011 every year. In this year, distinguished creators and business persons were invited from inside and outside the country in order to introduce the latest HDR and VR content, technology and business with demonstrations.

Seminar 1 “Basics and Prospects of HDR”

Masayuki Koduka (Panasonic Corporation)

Seminar 2 “Latest trends towards widespread of HDR”

Ado Ishii (IMAGICA Corp.)
Yoshinori Susa (Sony PCL Inc.)
Takayuki Abe (Panasonic Visuals Co. Ltd.)

Seminar 3 “Versatile Approaches to VR in Japan”

Keita Saeki (Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.)
Shinnosuke Iwaki (DWANGO Co., Ltd.)
Suguru Oomura (Fuji Television Network, inc.)

Seminar 4 “Challenges of VR Production”

Grant Anderson (Jaunt VR)

Virtual Reality will enable a new generation of filmmakers to create content for audiences in revolutionary new ways. In this seminar, we will discuss the opportunities for VR in games, film, and television. We will discuss the VR camera systems and post production pipelines and the challenges content creators will face in creating and managing data and other VR requirements.

Interpreter: Yasushi Ishijima