【Message from Chair】

From the fiscal year of 2015, International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society Japan Committee (I3DAIS-J) has changed its name to “AIS-J (Advanced Imaging Society Japan Committee)” in order to include broader advanced imaging technologies represented by VR (Virtual Reality) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) into our scope.

The field of advanced imaging has made significant changes recently in a short period - such as the establishment of 3D in the cinema field, the start of 4k test broadcasting, or the interest on VR headset.

On the other hand, we have recognized that the important keys of promotion and establishment of advanced imaging is universal; it is the high-quality content and the effective use.

By taking advantage of our international networks, AIS-J will expand our efforts to open the key to create new culture and industry by utilizing innovative technologies of advanced imaging.

Takashi Kawai
Professor of Department of Intermedia Art and Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Ph.D. in Human Sciences, Certified Professional Ergonomist