【3D University Japan 2012】

3D University Japan (3DU-J) 2012 was held as part of the DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2012 at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) on Oct. 26th.
In the opening session held on Oct. 25th, President of I3DS and Chair of I3DSJ introduced latest activities of I3DS and outline of 3DUJ 2012.

Jim Chabin
President of International 3D Society
Takashi Kawai
Japan Committee Chair of International 3D Society

●Challenges as 24hr a day 3DTV Network in US
3Net is the 24hr a day 3DTV Network in the US. Tom Cosgrove, CEO, shared the 3Net perspective on 3D Content creation, distribution, opportunities and challenges for 2013.

Tom Cosgrove
President and CEO, 3Net

●Challenges for documenting the polar bear’s world in 3D.
In 2011, Wildlife filmmaker, Adam Ravetch set out to make a 3D polar bear documentary for Television that will release later in 2012 on Sky TV & by Universal. With several 3D rigs, and a small crew, Ravetch was determined to get close-up to polar bears, and immerse his audience into their world ---an intimate 3D portrayal of a young teenage bear, alone, and without ice, in one of the longest summers on record. Ravetch shared film clips and behind the scene story on his movie while lending insights into the challenges he faced in documenting the bear’s world in 3D.

Adam Ravetch
Director, Cinematographer

●State-of-the-art Technologies for 3D Conversion in Hollywood
In 2012, 3D entertainment advanced in new creative and technical achievements. Working closely with Hollywood's top directors, Stereo D has been the conversion partner for this year's biggest hit movies including "Titanic 3D" and "The Avengers." This presentation shared the insights, techniques, and strategies used to create the most immersive and exciting imagery for audiences around the world.

Aaron Parry
Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Stereo D